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Discover viral channels for native advertising

Increase Brand Awareness

Sponsify helps your brand to reach highly engaging audience on Youtube through native advertising. You can advertise your products through our platform using four different campaign types including branded content and product review.

Reach Targeted Audience

By using our advanced audience targeting mechanism, you can target your audience’s gender, country and interests.

Get Analytics that Matter

Sponsify provides you in-depth analytics for your native advertising campaigns which helps you track performance of your ad campaigns. We are in process of revising our advertising policy to let advertise with cryptocurrency wallets. However, only the right marketing strategy and a reliable trading platform like bitiq can lead to generating a huge profit. As a testament to their authenticity, you can check the bitIQ erfahrungen blog and know the users' experience of bitIQ.

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YouTube Creators

Make money, promote relevant branded content

Monetize Your Audience

You can easily monetize your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter audience with Sponsify. Your revenue depends on your channel’s reach which is calculated by our platform automagically.

Promote Relevant Brands

You will only promote those advertising offers which are highly relevant to your channel.

Increase Audience Reach

Sponsify also helps your channel to gain new subscribers by cross promoting your channel across its partner channels on YouTube.

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How it works?

It works automagically

1. Define Your Campaign Goals

Choose your campaign type, define your goals and leave the rest to us.

2. Select Channels

You can either select relevant YouTube channels by yourself by using targeting filters or you can let Sponsify choose relevant channels for you.

3. Get Results

As soon as your campaign is live, you will start receiving real-time analytics for your campaign.

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